I finally made it up to San Francisco for Folsom! I have been looking forward to this for years. I’m trying to write a long, detailed blog post for people complaining that I sometimes cut it short. Well, let me tell you why.

Because you called me.

Because you called me and you want to see Me RIGHT NOW, and I have to pull my perfectly manicured fingers from my lappy top to go to rock your world. I love rocking your world. It’s true.


And now you want a long description of all my adventures outside of all the fun we had together? My, my aren’t you greedy? 

But I digress. I spent a few days meeting new friends and enjoying the company of regulars–honestly, my phone was vibrating out of my purse the whole weekend, I had to turn people down–but I will be back!

There were play parties galore this weekend–but I didn’t attend any of them–instead I had more than my fill of private play time over a few days. On Sunday morning, I helped zip up my GFE sub into tight leather pants and fastened a collar around her neck; I donned my short black leather skirt, Stormy Leather corset, and black leather gloves–and we were on our way to join hordes of mostly gay, naked men!

And as we milled around, surrounded by muscles, leather and cock, we quickly scuttled over to the female only space. I cannot tell you how happy I was to be sitting, with my feet up, leash firmly held in my leather gloved hand, and watch men attempt to enter this Lady safespace. Suckers!


I had my boots blacked and it was way better than any previous airport experience I ever had. Guys, she put a vibrator in my boot. I told her it might not be there when she went to look for it.  She licked the brush before brushing my boots, she massaged my calves through the leather, she held the can in her mouth–I was smitten!

I have so many other boots that need blacking, so who’s it going to be?