I arrived in NYC at 6am to my slave taxi awaiting to drive me up to the apartment of #myhotblonde friend on the UES. Now that’s service. And frankly the way I like to arrive!

I had the pleasure of playing in Mistress Ariana Chevalier’s Parthenon in mid-town. I didn’t get a chance to check out all the rooms, but it was a lovely well-equipped space with a really attentive staff. And I also got a chance to meet Mistress Lauren.

My first few nights were spent hanging out with hot blondes at all the hot clubs in the Meat Packing District. There was a height and hotness quotient, not surprisingly I surpassed them both.

Friday night I went out with friends to club hosted by the NYC Fetish Tribe. I don’t often play at clubs, but tonight I was inspired and was told I had an “exquisite touch.”

While I was having a blast in the City, I escaped from NYC to an undisclosed location to swim naked in waterfalls. I have a strict policy that you can only see me naked in a foreign country. Applications currently being accepted.