She said, “No penny slots and no whores.” I said, “So tits and whiskey are okay?” And so began my two days of debauchery in Sin City.

I had packed up a couple of dresses, corsets, crotch high leather boots, spiky stilettos, bikinis; dildoes, rope, cuffs, Hitachi, paddles, pinwheels, nipple clamps, long black gloves for fisting–I hoped I brought everything needed, I was in town for two days! While I have known to be rather innovative with just a Bible and a painslut’s cock in a hotel room, I wanted to be prepared. I mean, do they even have Bibles in Vegas hotel rooms?

As soon as I checked in, I was off to torture and tease–I will say this, I will say that it involved my crotch high leather boots, a thin rope, CBT and my wonderfully sadistic mind, probably the best “toy” in my gear bag.

Then I met up with some cuties for poolside drinks and lounging. I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of this hot pink bikini this season–much to everyone’s ardent delight!

I met up with a friend for drinks in her superluxe suite. We lounged about on purple velvet fainting couches enjoying the panoramic view of the Strip; later enjoying a dinner at a Jose Andreas restaurant where I had a salt air margarita–I think this was the best margarita I ever had.

Then I escorted my hot date to Peepshow. Holly Madison takes the stage as Bo Peep, a timid woman who is guided by the Peep Diva and Vegas stripper versions of Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the like in her transformation into a confident, sensual woman. This show got me hot and bothered in the desert heat.

I don’t like to gamble. I can think of more fun ways to take your money.