Sometimes I like to watch.

Last night I went to see Fetish a series of plays by Dolores Fletcher at White Fire Theater.

Interspersed with the one act plays were sexy dance sequences, some were yawn inducing, lackluster stripper moves, but others were really innovative like two women in nude body suits with synchronized movements and light acrobatics (did I mention they were my favorites, an older brunnette and a young blonde?) and one that made interesting use of flashlights and a dark stage.

The plays themselves were usually based on a hetero couple exploring their sexuality like watching porn, mock rape fantasies, husband swapping, threesomes, and light S&M. I liked the way these topics were handled in a way that was realistic but all light-hearted–some very funny writing. And actually a lot more laugh out loud moments that the audience gave in to, I don’t know, this was in the Valley, I think this would go over well in NYC.

Of course during scenes that involved flogging or bondage, I had to restrain myself from springing up from my seat to lend a helpful hand. I think my favorite scene was a dominant woman and her doting French submissive husband, carrying in shopping bags and helping her get ready. Friends come over and he serves them in a sissy maid costume, and later performs tricks as their pet puppy–scenes from My life.

Anyway, I highly recommend checking out Fetish. I think its tame enough to bring a date to as a conversation starter of “all that kinky shit,” but also veterans of THE SCENE would find it amusing as well. Afterwards, you can go to the kickass late night happy hour by Izakaya–I recommend the shrimp firecracker.