One day while I was torturing one of my regulars, he quipped, “I want to see you naked.” “Only in a foreign country,” I replied, and a few months later this LA Dominatrix was on her way to a kinky tropical vacation, Caribbean Fetish Fest in Dominican Republic.

I had went to the first Fetish Fest in Jamaica a couple of years ago and had a blast. Mostly a different crew this time and I had the pleasure of meeting Mike B. a co-creator of NYC Fetish Tribe
and his lady, Flouer, as well as Hudsy Hawn who entertained us with parodies of songs tailored to a BDSM audience, and Domina Carmen of Seattle who led several workshops.

As usual Master Vito’s suspension shows were very dynamic. I took a single tail class with him and since I got home I have been practicing, so watch out subbies! this sadistic Lady is about to get way crueler!

My days were spent lounging poolside with a fresh coconut and an eager sub waiting to serve me. What’s not to love?

My nights were spent at the risque parties around the resort. Some were held at Club Collette, a sexy house designed for swingers on top of a hill overlooking the ocean. One of the rooms had a large round bed–which of course led to . . . a pillow fight! I’m not sure who won, but me and a certain cute blonde had a lot of fun. I was especially pleased when a thoughtful gentleman asked the staff to bring us cookies, because I rather like eating cookies in bed. I must say, dressing in latex in the tropics is a little steamy as I constantly had sweat dripping down my body.

Some of my favorite moments included bringing my sub onto the balcony for a public beating, laying his cock on the railing and slamming my wooden paddle on it. One night I came home and threw him out of bed, kicking him and beating him, just because I felt like it.

So there you have it: a week in paradise with Mistress Justine Cross, hot and sticky in more ways than one!

Tribal Fetish Night

P.S. I forgot to mention that the local version of Immodium AD was called “Prodome”!