Many clients have come to me, disappointed and upset about other “Dommes” in the scene. I have heard the same complaints numerous times from many different clients over a number of years and I’m somewhat appalled. Their complaints were not so much about a lack of connection (we all have our off days) but a lack of professionalism both from a business woman perspective as well as from a Domme perspective. I would NEVER do some of the things I have heard happen, much less even think that an appropriate way to act.

This is all to be taken with a grain of salt, because of course there are exceptions to every rule:

1. Does she have a website? e-mail address? phone number? The more legitimate ways you have to contact her, the more likely she is legit.

2. How quickly does she get back to you?

3. Is she independent or with an agency? If she is with an agency, they are controlling her pictures and content and may be blatantly making it up. Doing out call? then they might just send someone else.

4. Does she have longevity? The longer she’s been a professional the more likely she is experienced and knows what she’s doing.

5. Where does she session? Well-equipped studio? Well-equipped toy bag? Ask specifics.

6. How does she respond to reasonable requests? If you ask politely, “Mistress, I love the look of leather. Could you please wear some for our session?” and her response is: “I’ll wear whatever I want.” I guarantee this is NOT going to be a good session.

7. Reviews? Unfortunately unlike escorts and restaurants, there are less places to review Dommes, but places like Maxfisch and other domme boards do exist. Others will place those reviews directly to their site like I do here.

8. Referrals? Is your favorite domme retiring/taking time off/moving? Ask her for a referral, she’s the best source as someone who knows your needs and knows other Dommes in the scene. Check Her link page to find her friends in other cities too.

9. How old are her photos? Are they the same ones you have seen for years? She probably doesn’t look like that anymore. I tend to do 1-2 formal photo shoots a year that I publish on my site with a date as well as post candids on My Twitter

If she doesn’t look like her picture, if she doesn’t have equipment needed for your session, if she treats you unprofessionally then do not make an appointment! I have NEVER heard a client tell me, “I showed up to her place where she sessions out of her garage, not a studio like she said. She didn’t look like her picture. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, she didn’t have any of the equipment I specifically asked for, but wow, we had a great time!”

Stay safe, get beaten, have fun!