So I donned my AMF purple corset and crotch high vinyl boots to head over to the Sweet Spot, Los Angeles’s newest GLBTQ club night. Porn star April Flores was there for the debut of her new film ARTCORE featuring hotties Drew Deveaux, Kelly Shibari & Courtney Trouble.

I was asked to run the spanking booth and how could I refuse? I wasn’t sure how popular spanking would go over with this crowd since its a different from my regular BDSM/fetish scene, but this Los Angeles dominatrix seems to make friends wherever she goes! I got the night started off right with my lucky lady volunteer. I had to demonstrate on someone how much fun you would have. There was a ticket minion circulating the club selling tickets for $5 for five minutes of spanking–that is a FUCKING DEAL folks–and I had no end of eager, nervous ladies coming up to me to get spanked. Most had never been spanked before, and honestly, can you think of any BETTER person to initiate them? I ran my nails up thighs, spanked cute booties, and pulled soft hair to my dommey heart’s content! Interesting fact, I asked all the ladies if they were here with girlfriends, and they all replied, No, just a friend. Hmmmm.

At the end of the night, I had one girl tell me, You can hit me as hard as you can. Music to to this sadist’s ears. As some of you are lucky enough to know, I am really strong and love severe corporal punishment, but after an hour of spanking (through jeans mind you), my hands were a little sore and I could not quite pack the punch this lady requested. Oh, she also said I could punch her. Where have you been all my life, blondie? I spied a belt on a nearby person and asked, Excuse, me but do you mind if I borrow your belt to hit this girl? She replied, Of course! Then, she went onto say, I actually have my toy bag in my car, if you want I will send someone to get it. Like I said, making friends everywhere I go. So I doubled up this belt and whaled on my little pain slut for awhile. I was getting pretty spent and sweaty, taking breaks to rehydrate with my jack and coke. By the time the toy bag came, I was off torturing my only gentleman caller of the evening. He was so sweet, he texted his girlfriend to ask if it was okay to receive a spanking from me. She texted back, yes and make sure I really gave it to him! What a lovely, open couple! Now equipped with my borrowed toys, I rummaged through to find something appropriate and found a really beautiful bamboo cane. Hitting my submissive through his jeans, I still managed to fulfill his girlfriend’s request and gave him a few whacks that brought him down to his knees, which as you well know, is his proper place.

Obviously, I had a lot of fun, but I was really happy to give a good positive experience to a few people last night. This was pretty popular for its first run, so I’m thinking I would like to do it again.