Sometimes . . . I just want to dance!

So someone really lucky lubed me up and helped me put on my latex–short black skirt and cropped silver top. I put on my thigh high ass kicking black vinyl boots and silver glittery eyelashes completed my outfit and I was off to Bootie–a mashup club at The Echo.

I danced my shiney hiney off. Sweat dripped down my latex bootie, if I had been wearing any underwear, it would have been soaked. Amongst hipsters and plaid, I was a full head taller than everyone, and clearly the most fierce.

A few guys were brave enough to come up to me and attempt to hit on me; some of them did this in front of their girlfriends–all of this amused me highly. At least guys at the fetish clubs I usually frequent offer me foot rubs and whiskey.

Never a dull night as a dominatrix in Los Angeles!