More Of Mistress Justine Cross

by Cary

This is your second appearance in fIXE Magazine, what was the reaction the first time?

Looking back at my first interview, I find that my ideology is the same, but I have become much more refined and dedicated as a Domme.

You just launched a new website, can you tell us a little about it?

I am superexcited about my new site! A true marketing genius designed it for me and I can finally control my own content. My blog is built into the site and now that I’m done with the site, I will be blogging regularly again. I can upload clips, photos etc. There are a ton of new reviews/letters from clients. It’s just a really classy, professional site that accurately reflects who I am as a Domina.

You just won Most Popular Model at LA Footnight, what was that experience like?

Awesome! I love Footnight–the event is really fun and I always meet such nice people. I’m honored that I haven’t been attending the event very long and the masses have spoken–I’m the fan favorite!

You were recently on Attack Of The Show, how did you get on the show and what did you do?

They needed a Los Angeles dominatrix, and clearly I was the top choice! They asked me to come on the show to demo a violet wand. This was a lot of fun to show mainstream viewers a taste of BDSM. Behind the scenes, everyone wanted a taste of the violet wand! People get really excited about this and are eager to try, but not everyone is going to make an appointment with a dominatrix or go to a fetish club, so I brought some kink in an easily digestible format. You can see the clip on my website. It’s also been uploaded to Youtube where it’s become wildly popular with a few thousand hits in the week its been up so far!

Can we expect to see more of you on television in the future?


Definitely! I’m already talking with AOTS to be on other fetish segments. I also have some other things in the works for mainstream viewing 

It’s your birthday month, how are you celebrating?

Everyone I see this month will be taking my birthday spankings for me! I will also be going to my favorite strip club, doing what I love, flirting with all the pretty Ladies!

Gentleman can expect to be providing extra worship for the Mistress this month too. Of course, if you would like to pick up something special for me, you can check out my wishlists.

Have you attended any gala events recently?

I had a lot of fun this year attending the Torture Garden parties in London this May. I debuted my costume white latex unicorn outfit. I also attended Labyrinth of Jareth in Los Angeles for the first time, not a fetish event, but a fantasy ball taking cues from Labyrith movie. Both were amazing with really wonderful performers–the Unicorn was VERY popular. I couldn’t go more than two steps without someone wanting to take my picture. I’m excited to go back to London for the TG party again this May–I will be making a few modifications to My Unicorn outfit as well.

I also attended the 127 Hours premiere wearing a Atsuko Kudo latex dress. My date was lovely and knew just how to treat (and worship) a Lady in latex! Latex, and in particular Atsuko Kudo, has gotten very popular at Hollywood events.

You’ve also done some charitable work for Breast Cancer, can you tell us about it?

Last October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to offer a raffle for an oppportunity to win a session with me. Donations were through the Susan G. Komen Foundation and were fully tax deductible. This was very popular and I was able to raise several hundred dollars. I want to expand on this fundraiser and offer more prizes for donating. I expect this year’s efforts to be more far reaching and I want to more than double last year’s donations.

Is that something you plan to do more of in the future?

Yes, I will be offering more than just a chance to win a session with me. I’m already planning a sexy photoshoot with me and my pet that you do not want to miss!

Read any good books lately?

I’m always reading. Usually a mix between fiction and more BDSM/sex related material. So lately I’ve enjoyed The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliot, Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov and The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek. The latter is also a really wonderful sadomasochistic movie.

What’s your favorite movie?

Probably Unconscious, I can’t tell you much about this Spanish film without totally giving it away as it is a detective story but, trust me, it’s got all your favorites, BDSM, kink, taboo and Freud. I highly recommend it; it was hilarious, tender and intelligent.