Travel Plans

I look good anywhere.

I look good anywhere.

While I love being a Los Angeles dominatrix, I frequently travel the country and world. I am also available for outcall, domestic or abroad. Here are my confirmed travel dates for 2017:

Los Angeles 2/1-2/17
San Diego 2/10-2/11
Palm Springs – February 18 & 19
Los Angeles 2/20-3/10
Costa Rica – March 11-19
San Francisco – March 31 – April 2
New Orleans – April 5-8
San Jose – April 20-23 IMSL


Los Angeles – April 24-May 13
Philippines – May 14-24
Columbus – June TBD
Chicago – June TBD
Phoenix – July 9 TBD
Albuquerque – July 10 TBD
Oklahoma City – July 11 TBD
Memphis – July 12 TBD
Nashville – July 13-14 TBD
Pittsburgh – July 15 TBD
NYC – July 12 TBD
New Jersey – July 13-14 TBD
Wilmington – July 15 TBD
Washington DC – July 16 TBD
Cape May – July 17 TBD
Baltimore – July 18 TBD
Philly – July 18-20 TBD
Albany – July 21 TBD
Boston – July 23-25TBD
NYC – July 27 TBD
NYC – August TBD
Philly – August TBD
Ithaca – August 3-5
Columbus – August 6 TBD
St. Louis – August 7 TBD
Kansas City – August 8 TBD
Denver – August 9-10 TBD
Las Vegas – August 11 TBD
New Orleans – September TBD
Hawaii – October TBD
Cancun – November TBD
Denver – December TBD

*Any other dates not listed, I will be in my homebase, Los Angeles.

I visit New Orleans a few times a year; Chicago, Philadelphia and NYC at least once a year. I visit other cities depending on my personal interests or clients who make it worth my while to visit them.

Denver, Nashville, and Kansas City are also cities I would like to go to in 2016, so if you would like to see me in those cities, please contact me.

Don’t see your city listed? Fly me to you.

Las Vegas, San Francisco, or San Diego are all cities that have are short and inexpensive traveling distances from Los Angeles, so if you are traveling there and wish to see me, I would love to come out and see you.

Places that I would love to go to: Tokyo, Dubai, and Australia.

Past travels

Palm Springs, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, Panama City, Atlanta, NOLA, San Jose, San Francisco, Krakow, Malta, Santorini, Athens, Stockholm, Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Ithaca, Cape May, Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC, Cancun, Cuba

Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Lafayette, New Orleans, Seattle, Split, Dubrovnik, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cape May, Philly, San Francisco, Toronto, NYC, Ithaca, Cabo, Palm Springs

Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC, Lafayette, New Orleans, Columbus, Amsterdam, Krakow, Berlin, Lisbon, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Dallas, Palm Springs, Cancun

San Francisco, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, London, Brussels, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Chicago, Dominican Republic, Las Vegas

London, Paris, Krakow, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dominican Republic, New Orleans, Palm Springs

San Francisco, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Dominican Republic, London, NYC

London, Berlin, New Orleans, Palm Springs

NYC, New Orleans, Jamaica

Philadelphia, NYC, New Jersey