Slavey Do List

Slavey Do List

I’ve always thought it was quite charming to have a “Honey Do” list, but you are not my honey. I update this monthly.

Perhaps you can’t afford me yet, but I know you are working very hard to be able to do so. Or perhaps you just need a taste of how fulfilling it is to serve me. There’s always my wishlist, but here are some more specific ways to particularly please me.

June 2017

I will be in Los Angeles accepting sessions the ENTIRE month of June at Dungeon West and Dungeon East.

If you are not in Los Angeles, you can see me anywhere in the world through virtual sessions or you can float me to you by paying for flight, accommodations and my time.

I will be taking OFF for Pride weekend June 9-11 – no sessions/cash drops only.

I will be in Palm Springs on mini slavecay June 13 & 14 – no sessions/cash drops only.

I will be offering public play at Cruise at the Eagle on 6/21

I will be hosting BDSFEMME at Dungeon East on 6/24.

Yacht & travel offers will also be considered.

I will be traveling EXTENSIVELY this July and August for my Justine Whips America 2017 tour. Please check my tentative schedule below, subject to change based on much you want to $ubmit to Me.

Los Angeles 5/25-7/7
Phoenix – July 9 TBD
Albuquerque – July 10 TBD
Oklahoma City – July 11 TBD
Memphis – July 12 TBD
Nashville – July 13-14 TBD
Pittsburgh – July 15 TBD
NYC – July 16 TBD
New Jersey – July 17-18 TBD
Wilmington, DE – July 19 TBD
Washington DC – July 20 TBD
Cape May – July TBD
Baltimore – July TBD
Philly – July 18-20 TBD
Albany – July 21 TBD
Boston – July 23-25 TBD
NYC – July 26 & 27 TBD
NYC – August TBD
Philly – August TBD
Ithaca – August 3-5
Columbus – August 6 TBD
St. Louis – August 7 TBD
Kansas City – August 8 TBD
Denver – August 9-10 TBD
Las Vegas – August 11 TBD


Cruise at the Eagle on 6/21

BDSFEMME at Dungeon East on 6/24.

Here are your priorities for the month:

Add me on Snapchat $50

*Add me on Snapchat – I will add you for free if you are a regular, otherwise it’s $50. I will be posting exclusive content here, in particular, really filthy, perverted, femdom videos. If you loved my Vine, add me here.

*Add me on Periscope as Justineplays (same as twitter) – I will be broadcasting some sessions, my media performances and weekly slave motivation reminders.

Here are a few other ways you can serve Me:

* Write a review about me (post on Maxfisch,, Yelp or send me e-mail to post on my website)

* Review and rate our Niteflirt call

* Purchase and rate my clips (iWantClips, Clips4Sale , Kinkbomb, and Niteflirt.)

* Post about me in forums

* Check my Travel Plans and give me suggestions for places I visit or offer to chauffeur/tour (references required)

* Report stolen photos/ads/pirated clips etc.

* Like/follow/RT me on social media

* Donate to my Keep A Breast fundraiser