Slavey Do List

I’ve always thought it was quite charming to have a “Honey Do” list, but you are not my honey. I update this monthly.

Perhaps you can’t afford me yet, but I know you are working very hard to be able to do so. Or perhaps you just need a taste of how fulfilling it is to serve me. There’s always my wishlist, but here are some more specific ways to particularly please me.

September 2018

I will be in Los Angeles from now until February 16 at Dungeon West and Dungeon East.


1/19 12-1pm Dungeon Dharma: Yoga in the Dungeon at Dungeon East
2/16 12-1pm Dungeon Dharma: Yoga in the Dungeon at Dungeon East
3/16 12-1pm Dungeon Dharma: Yoga in the Dungeon at Dungeon East



12/22 9pm-2am Obsidian QTPOC Play Party at Dungeon East

1/22 7-10pm Dungeon West Open House and Domme Meet & Greet
1/30 7-10pm Dungeon East Open House and Domme Meet & Greet


All classes led by me unless otherwise indicated.
* I will be present, but not teaching the class.
** I will not be present.

Travel 2019:
Palm Springs – February 15-17
Chicago – Spring TBD
New Orleans – Spring TBD
San Jose – April 11-14
OFF – May 23-26
OFF – Gay Pride 6/7-9
Iceland – June
Denmark – June
Italy – June/July
France – June/July
Ithaca – August
Boston – August
Philly – August
Cape May – August

Here are your priorities for the month:

Add me on Snapchat $50

*Add me on Snapchat – I will add you for free if you are a regular, otherwise it’s $50. I will be posting exclusive content here, in particular, really filthy, perverted, femdom videos. If you loved my Vine, add me here.

Here are a few other ways you can serve Me:

* Write a review about me (post on Maxfisch,, Yelp or send me e-mail to post on my website)

* Review and rate our Niteflirt call

* Purchase and rate my clips (iWantClips, Clips4Sale , Kinkbomb, and Niteflirt.)

* Post about me in forums

* Check my Travel Plans and give me suggestions for places I visit or offer to chauffeur/tour (references required)

* Report stolen photos/ads/pirated clips etc.

* Like/follow/RT me on social media

* Donate to My Keep A Breast fundraiser.