From the Press:

Best Dominatrix in Los Angeles
–Time Out Guide, Los Angeles

Justine Cross has been in the BDSM scene for the past ten years; a few years back, she started managing dungeons around LA. These days, she’s been getting more and more calls from women wanting to rent out her spaces. “There are a lot of straight women who want to explore BDSM in a safe way, without men present,” she explained. For them, securing a spot in a low-risk, sex-positive play space is worth the cost.


Explore your interest in kinky PDAs and leather at BDSFEMME, a regular event held at Dungeon East. Hosted by out dominatrix Mistress Justine Cross, this play party offers stations for spanking, bootblacking, and bondage. If you want to start in a less dungeon- settings, Ms. Cross is also a fixture at the monthly more queer inclusive event, Cruise, club night held at the Eagle.




From the clients:

“I just had one of the very best sessions of my life with Mistress Justine Cross in Los Angeles. It was a full evening of dining, public servitude, and private torture time.”


I have not done too many sessions and I have never served someone of Mistress Justine’s stature, but it has by far been my best experience and I recommend it for anyone, beginner like me or professional She will show you the proper place in Her life at Her feet and She will make you feel comfortable and open about it.


I have served more than 10 Dommes in my BDSM life but you are absolutely the best I have met and there isn’t a close second.